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C and C Renewables has over 20 years experience in saving people money in Renewable Energy Solutions,
Their heating, hot water and electric bills, both in Domestic and commercial

 The UK is set to miss its renewable energy targets by a wide margin – a failure that could result in billions of pounds being added to energy bills as we rely increasingly on imported gas”

(The Guardian April 21 2012)

Only 3% of the UKs energy is renewable compared with the 12% european average.This is something the government are determined to change and plan to raise this to 15% by 2020, to make this happen they have and still are introducing financial incentives. With this on the horizon going green is the way forward. Not only saving the planet from greenhouse gases, it will have a massive positive impact on the UK economy as we reduce our reliance on imported fossil fuels and could save you money on your energy bills.

There are several different types of renewable system to choose from, each offering a different way to heat your property or hot water and even generate your own electricity- Just let us know what you’re wanting to do and we can advise the best technology to use and how best to use it.

We provide a service ranging from supply and fit right upto bespoke designed systems – powered by renewable technologies or in tandem with existing  fossil fuel systems. Every system is custom designed to meet your needs.


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